Parent & Caregivers' Seminar

We are excited to announce the 2023 Camp Purple Live Parent & Caregivers' Seminar.

An informative and engaging seminar tailored specifically for parents and caregivers of children living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these chronic inflammatory bowel diseases while equipping you with essential knowledge and tools to support your children's well-being.

The seminar features sessions led by expert dietitians, surgeons, nurses, and psychologists who will provide valuable insights into the latest treatments, therapies, and medical advancements. One of the most important aspects of our seminar is the opportunity for parents to connect and network with others who are facing similar challenges and concerns. By sharing their experiences, parents can gain a better understanding of their child's illness and learn new coping strategies.

The parent and caregivers' seminar is open to all parents and caregivers of children with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

The seminar will take place over a single day.

Date: July 29th
Location: Copthorne, Oriental Bay, Wellington


The event starts at 9am sharp and will break at 5pm.  A dinner will follow at 6pm – 9pm.

The registration fee of $75.00 for the Camp Purple Live Parents & Caregivers Educational Seminar includes the following:

  • Access to all seminar sessions and workshops
  • Conference facilities for the duration of the event
  • Catering services throughout the day, including meals and refreshments
  • Evening dinner costs


Please note that the registration fee does not include the following:

  • Travel expenses to and from the seminar venue
  • Accommodation costs


To secure your spot at the Camp Purple Live Parent & Caregivers' Seminar, please visit our website and complete the online registration form. Spaces are limited, so we encourage early registration to avoid disappointment.


For any inquiries or further information, please contact our committee on


Whether you are a parent, guardian, relative, or caregiver, we warmly welcome you to join us and gain valuable insights into effectively managing these conditions.

Applications close 15th July 2023!


List of speakers now being released!




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