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Reducing the Growing Burden of
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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Our Vision

We will transform the lives of children, young people, families and all those affected by IBD and will lead these communities to increasing connectedness. 

Crohn’s & Colitis New Zealand is a growth focused and sustainable organisation which innovates and is responsive to opportunities to optimise and support the well-being of those affected by IBD.

Our Mission

We make lives more liveable for everyone in New Zealand affected by IBD. 

We offer information channels, education and support networks and provide a structure around which people can unite to raise awareness of these diseases. 

We seek to enhance their capability to live in a positive and hope-filled environment which will contribute to their happiness and help them feel empowered to maximise their potential and realise their life goals.


Applications are now CLOSED for the 2024 Giving Circle Scholarship Award!


This incredible opportunity is brought to you by a group of anonymous donors who established the IBD Computer Scholarship Award back in 2020.

About the Award: The first award was presented in 2021 and is administered through Crohn’s and Colitis New Zealand Charitable Trust. The award consists of either one brand-new MacBook Pro or funds amounting to $2,299, which can be utilised to support the recipient's educational pursuits. This award will be granted on an annual basis.

This year's winner is....

Rachel Weatherly

Rachel's determination and resilience is truly inspiring.  She's pursuing her aspiration of becoming a qualified electrician and eventually starting her own business. 

Rachel has had numerous challenges, yet her spirit remains unbroken.  From envisioning herself as a professional footballer in her childhood to bravely navigating the unexpected hurdles of a Crohn's disease diagnosis, she embodies strength and perseverance. Let's congratulate Rachel on a well-deserved achievement as she embarks on this exciting new chapter!


Previous winners are listed below:

2023 Casey Irwin, studying Teaching at the University of Otago.

2022 Ranger Leary, studying Fine Arts Film at the University of Canterbury.

2021 Nicole Thornton, studying Nursing at the University of Otago.




#ibdhasnoage - World IBD Day 2022

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis in the world (known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or “IBD”). World IBD Day, observed in over fifty countries, commemorates the five million people worldwide who live with these diseases every day of their lives. 20,000 of these people are our neighbours, friends, and family.

IBD does not discriminate by age or sex. It impacts the lives of children, teens, young adults, and the elderly. And it brings to each stage of life its own unique set of challenges.

From work to school, travelling, starting a job, becoming a new parent or grandparent, we hope that these series of films will give insight into what it is like to live with IBD.

The people in this film are not actors they are real New Zealanders who live with IBD. Thank you so much to Pete, Hannah and Charlotte for opening up and sharing their journey's with IBD.


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Can't Wait?  Don't Wait!


The CCNZ toilet card clearly states that the holder has a medical condition and needs to use a toilet quickly.  Although it does not guarantee you access to a toilet, most places you visit will be willing to help you.  The card is a small, credit sized card, designed to fit easily into your purse, wallet or pocket.  You can show the card when you're out shopping and socialising and it may help you gain access to a toilet.

If you would like a “I Cant Wait" toilet card please email us and we will send out an application form for your medical provider to complete or download your application here.


Do you want to support "I Can't Wait!" cardholders?


Placing a CCNZ sticker in the window of your business that you recognise the "I Can't Wait" card can truly change lives.

Honouring the card allows people with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and other medical condition to use your facilities in the event a cardholder needs one urgently.

This simple act of kindness gives people with medical conditions the confidence to leave home without the fear of having an accident in public. It gives them the opportunity to do what most of us take for granted: the opportunity to leave home, to shop, to meets friends, and to live a normal life.

Holders of the "I Can't Wait" card have gone through the process of applying for the card which requires their doctor's documentation that they have a condition for which the card is necessary.

CCNZ recognises and publicises participating business on our webpage and social media platforms. Let people know that your business is making a difference in the lives of members of your community.  Click here to find out who they are.

For more information pleaseemail us

Want to know what to do if someone presents this card to you? Download our educational sheet here.


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