Camp Purple Live 2022



Camp Purple Live 2021

The whole group at Carnival Day in their house colours.

Disco - complete with light up dance floor
Wipeout course

Team challenges
Carnival Day fun
Raft Building - they're not meant to sink!

More team activities


Confidence course


Camp Mum initiating a Water balloon fight


Dancefloor mayhem


Hanging out at the flying fox


Special MP Visitors - David Seymour &
Brooke van Velden


Just hanging out


Amazing biscuits baked for morning tea!




Camp Purple Live 2020


Tubing down the river.


Bush Survival Skills



Working together as team.
Team Initiatives.





Raft wars!



Team Yellow prepare for carnival day.



Team Pink prepare for carnival day.



Even our medical team got into the spirit of carnival day!


All the teams get into the spirit of Carnival day in their house colours.


Another day of excitement.  An unexpected sleepover at the Freemason's Lodge in Petone.



Campers and volunteers made the best of a foggy situation.



Keeping the kids entertained at the Freemason Lodge



Goodbye's are always so hard... but we look forward to seeing everyone next year!




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